Seminar „Experimentelle Tumorforschung“

Donnerstag 15.30 - 16.30 Uhr
Veranstaltungsort: ZOOM-Meeting
Meeting ID: 849 2982 5424
Kenncode: 406427

Datum Titel Referent/in
05.11.2020 Impact of extracellular pH on TRAIL induced signaling in PDAC cells

Sofie Hagelund

12.11.2020 Internship Report

Marion Mengel

19.11.2020 KLS-Retreat -> no seminar


26.11.2020 Career Development Stefan Langhammer
Life Science Consulting
03.12.2020 Preclinical evaluation of a new dual drug therapy: Combination of Palbociclib and TRAIL for hormone receptor positive breast cancer

Anna Rambow



New insights into TRAIL's molecular anatomy in cancer cells


Mouhamad Khouja

17.12.2020 Endogenous TRAIL/TRAIL receptors system as a regulator of the expression of urokinase plasminogen activator ( uPA ) in breast cancer cells

Carmina Markwardt

07.01.2021 Internship Report

Annika Brauer

14.01.2021 Internship Report Marie Bielenberg
21.01.2021 Metastasierung des Pankreaskarzinoms: Charakterisierung von dormanten Pankreasgangepithelzellen nach Exposition in der hepatischen Mikroumgebung

Claudia Seemann

28.01.2021 Impact of TRAIL R4 on TRAIL sensitivity in breast cancer cells

Insa Aschenbach

04.02.2021 Internship Report Svenja Andreas
11.02.2021 MCT1 lactate carrier expression in ovarian cancer cells - a suitable marker of chemoresistance? Nele Kunert