RG Translational Nanomedicin and Imaging

Our team consist Oula Peñate Medina a biochemist PD PhD specialized in nanoparticle imaging, pharmacokinetics and translation of nanoparticles, Tuula Peñate Medina a biochemist PhD in charge of lipid biophysics and membrane biology and nanoparticle production, Jie Pan MD Dr. starts in spring 2016 post dock year in our lab. Then our research team has some collaborators that have been at some time so integrated that they are part of our research team. Mirko Gerle MD Dr gerocken stelle 2015 -2016 he is in charge of orthotopic head and neck tumor models and preclinical evaluation. Han Wen doctoral student MKG.

Our interest is to utilize the changes in the membranes and membrane manipulating enzymes in order to improve drug delivery and imaging. We have, together with our collaborators, an excellent methods, techniques and facilities to study ASMase activities in different tissues. We have shown elevated ASMase levels in some conditions like tongue cancer (and radiation induced cell damage) and we are exploring these changes in other cancers as well. We are interested to study the acid sphingomyelinase activity variation between different tumors and also study the aSMase heterogeneity inside of the tumor in order to explore tumor the dynamics in tumor development. We have developed a liposomal delivery system (MESL), in which we can sensitize the liposomes so that the mild action of biological sphingomyelinase (secreted by tumors or inflammation site) is enough to open the sphingomyelin containing liposomes. This is our suggestion for efficient drug delivery, being one of the main issues of modern medicine. At the moment only trace amount of drugs reach their target destination leaving the rest of the drug load interacting and harming other tissues. On the other hand body tends to eliminate the drugs by rapid secretion and metabolic degradation before drugs can reach the site where it is needed. Nano drug formulations like our MESL technology can encapsulate large numbers of drugs and imaging tracers and deliver them to the target site without dilution.




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